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Save 30% on Seeds with Discount Code FALL30

Original Blue Ribbon Hybrid Tomato VFFNTASt


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SKU: 101

71 days. We introduced Blue Ribbon in 2013 to try to rival the gigantic fruit size and great taste of the original Goliath. Now our new improved Blue Ribbon is the closest yet! At 10 to 15 oz., it’s bigger than the previous strain of Blue Ribbon, but best of all, it is more disease resistant, smoother, more rounded and uniform and more widely adaptable than the previous strain. Now virtually no blossom scars! Described by breeders and trial gardeners alike as “the absolute ultimate in home-garden tomatoes. Even tastier than Big Beef!” Comparing Blue Ribbon to Goliath, Blue Ribbon is a bit rounder, more uniform, and has stronger disease resistance. Goliath is a little more productive. Both varieties are sensational. Try them both to see which you prefer! Indeterminate.

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