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35% Off Sitewide ALL WEEK! Exclusions Apply.
35% Off Sitewide ALL WEEK! Exclusions Apply.

Seed Quality and Viability Is Top Priority at Seeds N Such

Seed quality and viability are our top priority at Seeds N Such, so we make certain all our seed varieties are carefully chosen for their dependable performance and adaptability throughout a wide range of soil types and climate conditions. As you browse our catalog, you will find cultivars of tomatoes, peppers and other vegetables with short growing seasons to fit conditions up North, as well as types best suited to deal with the heat and humidity in the South. For all those first-time gardeners, we even have easy-to-follow cultivation instruction booklets and lots of helpful tools and supplies to make certain their efforts are successful.

As we launch our brand new 2015 seed season, we are greatly expanding our types of vegetable offerings, and you will now be able to select from over 450 varieties, with double the number of pages in this year’s catalog. You will still find all the familiar 151 varieties of Tomatoes, 86 Peppers and 10 Melons from last season, but now you will also see many cool-season crops and nine more vegetable groups to add to your summer garden. New summer garden offerings include Celery, Cucumbers, Eggplants, Gourds, Okra, Pumpkins, Salsify, Squash and Watermelons. An assortment of Herb seeds has also been added which can also be started early with protection and transplanted to the garden when cold weather subsides.

Now is the best time to place your order for this year’s garden seeds, so that you can take advantage of our early bird bonus. For all seed orders placed prior to March 15, 2015, we will send you Free packets of two recent introductions—Debut Hybrid Tomato, best for fresh-eating, and Blue Star Hybrid Bell Pepper that yields well in either warm or cool weather situations. We’ll sell you any 16 packets—mix and match— of our seeds for under $35, or any 10 packets for under $24, with shipping and handling included. Larger portion packets are available for market gardeners and small farmers.

We are also fully aware of all the on-going controversy and concerns about possible harmful affects on our personal health and that of our environment created by crops grown from planting genetically-engineered (GMO) seeds. In our steadfast limited warranty: “We promise that we do not knowingly buy or sell genetically-engineered seeds or plants. We further warrant that all of our seeds are untreated. We want you to be happy with our products, which are guaranteed for an entire year after purchase. If you are not satisfied with any items, we will either replace it or refund its purchase price, as you wish. Our liability, for any reason, is limited to the amount of the purchase price. In no case shall we be liable for more. When you order our products, you understand and agree to this limited warranty.”

We emphatically pledge that ALL Seeds N Such Seeds are Non-GMO, and we qualify that pledge with the following guarantee: “All of our vegetable seeds are non-GMO, never genetically modified in any way. You might be surprised to learn that virtually all seeds sold to home gardeners in the U.S. are non-GMO! GMO seeds are actually far more expensive to produce and are used mainly by corporate farms and huge commercial farmers. Nevertheless, many of our customers are concerned about our position on GMOs, so we have labeled our entire seed category as Non-GMO so that you may shop with confidence.”

As you browse our catalog of more than 450 varieties, you will find options for selecting your time-tested and faithful favorite heirlooms intermingled with the latest in hybrid introductions—featuring disease resistance, earliness to maturity, drought and heat tolerance and all sorts of other desirable traits.

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