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35% Off Sitewide ALL WEEK! Exclusions Apply.

Bulk: Aji Rico Hybrid Pepper Seeds

SKU 301601

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2017 AAS Winner. The first early Aji pepper! Aji means ‘chili’ to South Americans and is unbeatable to balance a refreshing citrus flavor with a warm heat level. Most ajis mature too late to be feasible for many home gardeners, but not this new champion, our first pepper ever in the Capsicum baccatum family! Narrow, conical fruits are crisp and thin-walled, with a warm heat level and subtle citrus undertones. Perfect for fresh eating, when cooked or dried into a tasty paprika.

  • Days to Maturity:  50 to Green / 70 - 75 to Ripe Red (From Transplant)
  • Sow Method: Start Indoors 
  • Sow Depth: ¼ Inch
  • Spacing: 24 - 36 Inches
  • Sun: Full Sun 
  • Height: 30 - 36 Inches
  • Fruit Size: 3 - 4 Inches 
  • Scoville Heat Unit: 1,000 - 5,000 SHU
  • Annual

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