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$15 Off $50, $25 Off $75, $35 Off $100+! Thru April 21st. Exclusions Apply.
$15 Off $50, $25 Off $75, $35 Off $100+! Thru April 21st. Exclusions Apply.

French Breakfast Radish Seed Tape

SKU 956700

Seed Tape is designed to offer a labor and cost-effective solution to growing consistent, quality products!

Instructions | Simply unroll and cut to the size required. Place in a furrow and cover with a thin layer of soil (1cm to 2cm deep). Water and keep consistently wet (not moist), especially for seven days after planting or until the seedlings appear above the ground. This will give you high germination rates with little or no thinning.

About French Breakfast Radish | Combines an elongated shape with an arresting color to become an all-time favorite! Roots are bright red and tipped with creamy white. An attractive and delicious addition to the relish tray – tender, crisp and mild. Suitable for hot, dry conditions.

  • Days to Maturity: 25
  • Sun: Full Sun
  • Height: 4 - 14 Inches
  • Fruit Size: 2 - 4 x ¾ Inch
  • Approx. Seeds per 7 1/2 Ft. Tape (125 seeds)