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Free Shipping on ALL U.S. Orders Thru 5/24! Exclusions Apply.
Free Shipping on ALL U.S. Orders Thru 5/24! Exclusions Apply.

Today, Grower-Quality Flower Seeds Almost Impossible To Find

On the order form insert at the center of our 2016 spring catalog, Seeds ‘n Such presents a sample “Peek at Our New Flower Seeds,” as a portion of a proposed section addition to our 2017 catalog. Our founder, J. Wayne Hilton, is concerned about the future availability of quality flower seeds, and he wants to know he has the support of his gardening customers before he launches an all-out effort to search the world for new high-quality seed sources of our flower crop favorites.

“When I owned the HPS Grower Catalog and the Seymour’s Seeds Retail Catalog in the 1990s, I sold more flower seeds than vegetable seeds,” says Hilton, “But today, grower-quality flower seeds are nearly impossible to find for home gardeners and small growers. So we are at that point where we want to ask our customers, ‘Do you want Seeds ‘n Such to add an extensive selection of flower seeds to our next catalog in 2017?’ If so, I ask you to mark Yes! on your Order Form, either mail-in or online.”

The order form sample peek features a number of the most popular flower seed varieties of all time, so choose from what we have to offer now, and let us know how you feel about ordering Flower Seeds for your garden. Remember flowers make up an important portion of the fruit and vegetable garden—with so many of them requiring pollination by bees and other insects. Flowers are an important food source as well as home habitat for these pollinators and beneficial insects. Flowers also serve as a natural habitat support for other wildlife, especially birds who help us in our natural pest control in the garden.

We hope you feel as we do, that our quality flower seeds are worth saving. So be sure to vote Yes! when you place your order. We look forward to hearing from you.

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