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To Insure We Eat Chemical-Free, Nutritious Foods, We Must Grow Our Own

As peer-reviewed scientific research data continue to confirm health-related concerns about ever-increasing numbers and amounts of chemical residues in our food supply, more and more parents and grandparents are seeking sustainably-grown, nutritious food sources to reduce exposure to chemicals for their children and grandchildren, as well as for generations to come. Due to relaxed governmental control of what IS and IS NOT allowed to be in our foods and reduced requirements for information on food labels, the only sure ways to know exactly what’s in your food is to Grow Your Own and get to know your local farmers really well by visiting and observing their production methods.

With many years of horticultural and seed business experience, we at Seeds ‘n Such are committed to be your one-stop gardening source for the best selection of seeds, vegetable plants, tools, accessories and our own staff-written, cultural information booklets. This is so that you won’t need to shop anywhere else, regardless of whether you are having a first-time go at gardening or a well-seasoned gardener of many years.

Seeds ‘n Such aims to be your GMO-free seed source, and our 2019 vegetable and flower seed catalog features 88 pages of our best selections of seeds, vegetable plants and gardening supplies. Prior to our first sale, Owner J. Wayne Hilton signed this “Safe Seed Pledge”—“Always Untreated and No GMOs! We promise that we do not knowingly buy or sell genetically-engineered seeds or plants. We further warrant that all our seeds are untreated.

We begin mailing our right-off-the-press, Spring 2019 catalogs Friday, Nov. 16, the same date we launch our improved, updated website at for the fastest customer service possible. If you are already a Seeds ‘n Such customer, you should receive your copy by mail soon thereafter. If you would like to join us as a new customer, please go to our website and fill out a catalog request, and browse our site for the latest in seeds, gardening supplies and cultural information.

New for 2019, we are offering a number of new vegetables, headlined by ‘English Sweet Long Slim’ cucumber, an improvement of the ‘English Long Sweet Crunch’ glasshouse-type variety we gave away free to our “Early-Bird-Order” customers to test last season. Also new in the catalog this year are ‘Damsel Hybrid’ tomato, ‘Goliath Sweet Orange’ bell pepper, ‘Chef’s Choice Red Hybrid VFF’ tomato, ‘Megaton Hybrid’ cabbage and ‘Desperado’ bush bean. Our new outstanding flower seed introduction is ‘Queeny Lime Orange’ zinnia, winner of both 2018 AAS and Fleuroselect Gold Medal awards. Explore our recently-updated website blog articles and catalog pages for descriptions and cultural information of these and all our other outstanding recommended offerings for 2019.

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