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Seeds ‘n Such Begins Publishing New Gardening Series Booklets

Seeds ‘n Such wants for all the world to have a Bountiful Harvest and Happy Gardening Year in 2016! Our entire staff salutes all of you who plant seeds, nurture them and watch them grow as active partners in the very miracle of life itself! We know many of you seek to grow your own nutritious food to insure a more healthy lifestyle for you and your family, whether first-time gardeners or veterans. Some are moved to share their miracle harvest as market gardeners and small farmers, but all of us—young and old—love to plant seeds because it’s just plain FUN!

With that in mind, we proudly announce the mailing of our ever-expanding Seeds ’n Such catalog for 2016! We strive to be one of America’s premier sources of gardening seeds and supplies and to provide our customers with the most current cultural techniques and information. Our 2016 spring catalog features special advantages over our competition in both areas. We’re excited about how much we’ve grown in this, just our third gardening season, and we invite you to join us in this “locally-grown, real food movement,” as our best gets even better!

guidesFor starters, we decided all gardeners should have the best in updated information—in order to make the proper choices that result in bountiful harvests. After searching to no avail for low-cost, current and accurate, do-it-yourself gardening theme booklets, we decided we would do just that—Do it ourselves! We proudly announce the publishing of the first two issues of Seeds ‘n Such Gardening Series Booklets, each 36 pages of the most current cultural and varietal information, produced totally in-house by our experienced staff horticulturists. Our hot-off-the-press Growing Tomatoes From Seed and Growing Peppers From Seed debut in our new catalog bargain-priced at just $3.79 each, and you can save even more when you opt for the catalog order-form booklet pair bundle for just $6.79!

Choosing the culture of tomatoes and peppers for our first two editions was easy, since tomatoes and peppers are by far the leading crops grown by all American gardeners. Randy Peele (that would be me), editor of our Seeds ‘n Such website newsletter and gardening blogs at, spent several months researching the most current cultural and varietal information available and applied his 68 years of horticultural and garden writing experience to get it all in there. Certified Landscape Architect Nat Bradford, Randy’s 40-years-young close friend and sustainable-farm-and-nursery business partner, added hours of his personalized “sketch artist” touch as illustrator. Additional booklets in the series are being planned for the near future.

Most of the gardening information booklets out there were published prior to 2000 and have not been updated, but our first pair of editions in the Seeds ‘n Such Gardening Series is current right up through 2015. They include the latest recommended varieties of peppers and tomatoes available, but also provide current cultural practices such as “straw bale gardening,” and simple methods for adding organic matter to your garden soil to restore its life and health. This, in turn, results in bountiful harvests of nutritious fruits and vegetables that restore our personal health.

graftingGrafted Tomato Plants—the latest rage at U.S. gardening centers—are rather pricey ($8 each or more), but Growing Tomatoes From Seed includes a special section on how to economically grow and graft your own tomato plants. Once you master this simple procedure, you will be able to harvest your favorite flavorful heirlooms above ground that are protected by hybrid disease resistance and hardiness bred into the grafted rootstock below ground. To better complement its huge selection of real-tomato-flavored heirloom varieties offered for top grafts, Seeds ‘n Such now offers seeds of two special rootstock hybrids, with the addition of Efialto Hybrid Rootstock VFFNTmv in 2016 to join Spirit Hybrid Rootstock VFFNT from 2015.

In addition to the seeds, you only need to order our grafting clips that protect the graft sites until they heal and your choice of seed starting materials from our catalog. Add a razor blade and some rubbing alcohol to sanitize your work site and you’re set to begin. We also offer a separate Seeds ‘n Such Gardening Series 4-page leaflet, How To Graft Tomato Plants, which features precise, easy-to-follow instructions on do-it-yourself tomato grafting for just 69 cents each.

Other very special introductions in our 2016 spring catalog include the return of Goliath Original Hybrid VFFNTASt tomato, as well as two other Goliath Tomato Series varieties—Goliath Early Hybrid VFFNTASt and Goliath Sunny Hybrid VFN. For more information on these and other new tomato offerings, as well as various exciting new varieties of other vegetables, visit our “Gardener’s Greenroom on our website at and find our most recent blogs about what’s Hot for 2016. You are also urged to check out our archived editions of past newsletters and blogs, and you are encouraged to engage us with your gardening questions at this interactive site.

corn-587534_1280Also featured in new blogs is the addition of Sweet Corn and Pea categories for spring 2016, and we are currently in the process of adding our full line of Beans for spring 2017. It takes time for us to find seed growers that meet our quality standards and be able to establish contracts for growing and supplying our future needs, so we are not simply able to add all items at once. We want to be certain of the quality and dependability of our sources before adding their seeds and products to our catalog.

Those who have already received their first edition of the 2016 catalog will also note that the center portion insert with order form and index includes a two-page preview of our planned Flower Seeds section of future catalogs. Those of you who have requested catalogs, but have not received them, can expect them to be mailed on Dec. 31, and please allow approximately 10 days for delivery. You are all invited to examine the “peek” at our proposed Flower Seeds section and let us know if you would favor the expansion of such offerings by checking “Yes” on your order form.

With all the mild winter weather much of the country is having thus far and with the warm winter predictions for much of the eastern U.S. due to the influence of a near-record El Nino, it may well be an early spring arrival this year for many gardeners. Since more and more health-minded folks are wanting to grow their own nutritious fruits and vegetables, the perfect time to order your gardening seeds and supplies is NOW while quality and quantity are best. The staff at Seeds ‘n Such trust that we have earned your order for now and the future. We eagerly look forward to serving you and pledge that you will get nothing less than the best. Let us all have a Happy Gardening New Year in 2016!

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