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Introducing Our Premier Fall & Winter Gardening Catalog

Seeds ‘n Such owner J. Wayne Hilton has decided to fulfill one of his longtime desires after many very successful years in the garden seed and supply business—issuing a special catalog in the next few weeks dedicated mostly to fall and winter crops. This will allow most gardeners across the nation to plan and continue gardening with nutritious crops like greens and root crops that are cold-tolerant and require much less attention than spring and summer crops.

Now that there are so many questions about the safety of our conventional foods that are sold in the supermarkets, it is important that we reconnect with nature, regenerate the life and nutrition in our soils and grow our own food to insure it’s safe for our families to eat. With the higher profit values for “organic” processed foods, there are even validity questions of foods labeled as organic, particularly those sold by the Big Food companies and labeled as “USDA Organic.”

Hilton introduces his new fall catalog offering by saying, “I’m always surprised that most mail-order seed companies don’t release a catalog for the Fall season. I can’t figure out why, as fall is such a great season for gardeners! Fall planting is far more leisurely than the spring, when gardeners are forced to repair all the ravages of the previous winter. When you plant in the fall, most of your spring crop is still in the garden, making for a fast turnaround before you start to plant your Fall crops.”

He also notes, “Perennial flowers bloom earlier when sown in the summer and fall. Many perennials and most herbs can be direct-sown if planted in the summer and fall, saving the time and hassle of starting seeds indoors.

“Fall-harvested veggies, particularly leafy greens, just taste better than those planted in the spring,” adds Hilton, “As the weather gets cooler, plants convert starches to sugars, since sugars are a natural anti-freeze. This process becomes more pronounced as the first frosts fall, making greens still sweeter and crisper.”

Continuing in his introductory letter, Hilton assures everyone that his special customer services remain the same. “While the catalog is new,” he says, “the principles that led to my company’s start are old and rock solid. Seeds & Shipping Don’t Have to Cost So Much! Want proof? Our shipping costs remain under $3, despite a rate increase in January. Plus our seed packets still cost under two bucks each when you buy at least 20. And our generously-sized packets never cost more than $2.79 each!”

Those of you who are already receiving our Seeds ‘n Such catalogs should receive your copy of the Fall edition in the next few weeks. But if you know of other gardeners who haven’t discovered us yet, help us spread the word by inviting them to go to our website,, and join us in growing our own safe, nutritious food year-round.

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