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Enjoy Free Shipping on ALL U.S. Orders Thru Friday! Exclusions Apply.

Do You Really Know How Safe Your Family’s Food Is?

With all of these concerns about the safety of genetic modification (GMOs), pesticide applications, chemical seed treatments and processing food additives, how do we determine how safely our food is grown and prepared and where it comes from? If you answer product labeling, then you would be wrong.

Our food labeling laws have been so watered down recently that what factual information included on the label is now mostly voluntary—even its country of origin. Now we hear from Washington that new deregulation programs may reduce labeling requirements even more, leaving us at the mercy of the profit-minded corporate agriculture giants to decide what we need to know about how and where our food is grown and processed.

There is even talk that consideration is being given to abolishing the consumer and food industry policy board that decides the definition of what can or cannot be present in a food product labeled as organic. That would, in effect, turn the control of deciding what foods can be labeled as “ORGANIC” out of the hands of the USDA and EPA and allowing the FDA to decide what additives and treatments can be considered safe to be labeled as organic.

Washington has left us no way to determine the safety of our food by labeling. The only ways for us to know how our food is grown is to buy seeds from a reputable seed company to grow our own crops and by getting to know our local farmers at farmers’ markets or actually visiting their farms to purchase items that we cannot grow ourselves.

Seeds ‘n Such is proud of our pledge to sell only untreated seeds that contain no known GMOs, and we are also proud to provide safe and reliable gardening information and practices through our newsletter, blog articles and in-house-produced, do-it-yourself gardening booklets. We will be right there every step of the way to insure that you have the best seeds and products and easy-to-follow instructions to grow food for your family that is safe and nutritious.

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