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30% Off Sitewide Thru 5/31! Exclusions Apply.
30% Off Sitewide Thru 5/31! Exclusions Apply.

Christmas—Time To Order Seeds For Starting Your Own Garden!

When wife Pat and I owned and operated our own greenhouse bedding plant business back in the 1970s and 80s, we ordered early to ensure we got good top quality seeds and that we got plenty of our favorite and best-selling varieties. In fact, to produce early-season plants for warm-season crops like tomatoes, peppers and eggplants, we actually began to plant our first seeds right around Christmastime, especially for our larger container-grown plants to be sold in very early spring for an extra-early crop.

With rapidly increasing concerns about health and nutritional deficiencies of foods manufactured by our chemically-produced and GMO-loaded, conventional Big Food system; it is time to take matters into our own hands, plant our own home gardens and know exactly how our family’s food is grown. While you may not have your own heated greenhouse or cold frame, you can still start your early plants indoors. Seeds ‘n Such will provide you with the highest quality, non-GMO, best-priced seeds available, shipping costs per order always under $3.00 and all the current cultural information and gardening accessories for success.

Whether you are growing a garden for the first time, or, like me, have been doing this for more than 70 years, our staff has produced in-house, recently-updated, do-it-yourself Growing Guides from SeedTomatoes, Peppers and this year’s addition Vine Crops—booklets offered on Page 2 of our greatly-expanded, 88-page Seeds ‘n Such 2018 Spring Catalog, which is being mailed out now. We include easy-to follow planting instructions and all the latest varietal information, as well as the necessary accessory products for a bountiful crop. If you are not already on our mailing list, please call 803-663-1501 or visit our website ( and request a copy today!

“Spring 2018 brings over 100 superb new varieties, spread over a record 88 pages,” says Seeds ‘n Such owner J. Wayne Hilton, “with each packet generously-sized, high-germinating and well-priced, as we firmly believe that Seeds & Shipping Don’t Have To Cost So Much. Gardeners still value fair prices and low shipping costs. Our packets cost under two bucks each when you buy at least 20, and they never cost more than $2.79 each! Shipping remains under $3 per order, and every seed we sell is tested for germination twice. We leave nothing to chance! We want you to be satisfied!”

Hilton notes, “All our varieties are non-GMO and untreated, so order your favorites in time to receive our free ‘Early-Bird Specials—packets containing 5 seeds of two new hybrids—Pretty in Pink Hybrid Tomato VFT and English Long Sweet Crunch Hybrid Cucumber, featured on page 2! Try us for Spring 2018 for superior service, real value and old-fashioned integrity—the same qualities we’ve offered for decades!”

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