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30% Off Sitewide Thru 5/31! Exclusions Apply.
30% Off Sitewide Thru 5/31! Exclusions Apply.

Tomato Barrel with 4-ft. Tower

SKU 925000

SKU: 9250

A compact, space-saving, portable, patio or indoor planter that keeps you supplied with fresh tomatoes all year long! Holds two to three plants for maximum yield. Strong, sturdy construction supports the weight of fruit-laden vines while helping to prevent fruit from falling off. Entire system weighs barely 3 lbs. and consists of a 14-in. round base and planter, 4 support rings and 4 connecting risers. Easily assembled with no tools to reach up to 4-ft. tall, with a convenient easy-fill reservoir holding 1 1/2 gallons of water or nutrients. Great for other climbing plants too!

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