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Midnight Snack Hybrid Tomato


SKU: 948

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68 days. We introduced ‘Indigo Rose’ 4 years ago to wide acclaim due to its remarkable health benefits. But new ‘Midnight Snack’ is much earlier, more flavorful and more productive –yielding well over 100 fruits per plant! Cherry-sized, 11/2-in. across and weighing 1/2-oz., round fruits ripen to red that turn glossy black-purple when exposed to the sun due to high levels of the antioxidant anthocyanin that makes ‘Midnight Snack’ the healthiest, most disease-fighting tomato you can grow! And the taste is so good, packed with juicy, tart tomato tang! Delicious fresh or in salads. Big indeterminate plants grow to 6-ft. and need support. 2017 AAS Winner.

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