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Lakeside Hybrid Spinach


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SKU: 538

25 days. The breeder of this brand-new variety also bred long-time favorites ‘Tyee Hybrid’ and ‘Melody Hybrid’, but our new ‘Lakeside’ beats them all! Our first true baby-leaf variety, it’s our best spinach for flavor, disease resistance, uniformity and quality. Big, thick, fleshy, dark green, smooth leaves, 6-in. long by 3-in. wide, with a round to oval-leaf shape and an upright habit about 6-in. tall for easy harvest. Good mild flavor balanced with just a touch of tang. Disease resistance is remarkable: high resistance to downy mildew races 1-11, 15 and 16 and intermediate resistance to races 12 and 14. Great versatility too: in addition to use for baby leaves, equally good for bunching or clipping.