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Save Over 20% on 20+ Packets

Bulk: Snak Hero Snack Pea


SKU: #121

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65 days. A sabre-shaped snap pea likely to skip to the front of the snacking line! This 2020 AAS Award Winner blazes a trail, creating a succulent sensation in the garden and in the competition. Already enjoy snap peas right off the vine? Snak Hero notches it up with larger, virtually stringless, 4-in. pods, favored for their deliciously sweet, crunchy convenience. Frequent harvest easily improves production for an extended harvest window. Enjoy in containers for their upright bushy habit, delicate flowers, and easy reach! Similar to Sugar Ann, perfect for freezing, stir frying, serving in salads, and sampling from the vine! Compact, cool season vines are widely adaptable and require little to no staking when grown in ground.