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Mix 'n Match Discount - Save Over 20% When You Buy 20+ Packets!
Save Over 20% on 20+ Packets!

Bulk: RST-04-105-T Hybrid Tomato Rootstock VFFFN



Our first American-bred rootstock has a remarkable package of disease resistances, with complete resistance to verticillium wilt, all three races of fusarium wilt, bacterial wilt, nematodes, corky root and still others.

You’d love to try Grafted Tomato Plants but hate the $8 cost per plant? Then Graft Your Own! Grafting vegetable plants is just now a big rage in the US, but has been practiced for generations in Europe. Grafting joins the top of the desired plant – the scion – to the root system of another plant – the rootstock. As the two plants fuse, the remarkable flavor of the fruits from the scion combines with the vigor and disease resistance of the rootstock to produce a plant better than either parent. The grafted plant offers greater yields, larger fruits, an extended harvest season and greater resistance to diseases and pests.