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Treat the Gardener in Your Life with These 10 Amazing Christmas Gifts

It’s that time of year again. Bells are ringing, fires are crackling, and snow is falling. Christmas music is playing on every radio station and holiday movies are on every channel. It’s the time of year to decorate a tree, get together with loved ones, and give gifts and open presents. 

If you’re stressing about what to gift the green thumb in your life this year, you’re in luck. We’ve pulled together the following list of the very best garden-inspired gifts to make your Christmas shopping that much easier.  

Seed packets, seed-starting supplies, propagation stations, self-contained gardens, pruners, hori-hori knives, gloves, books, harvest baskets, t-shirts, and hats are just a few suggestions from our team for fun and functional gardening gifts this holiday season. 

These items range in price from $5 to $200, so you can give the perfect gift for you and them. Keep reading for all the essential gardening gifts for everyone on your list. 

The best gifts for gardeners of all ages

Our top ten picks for the best gardening gifts this year are (drumroll, please…)

  1. Seed packets

In our opinion, gardeners can never have too many seeds. If you want to give the green thumb in your life something they will definitely use, consider sending them a few seed packets. Nothing makes an ambitious grower happier than a new-to-them variety to try out in the spring. 

We’re proud to offer nearly 2,000 vegetable, flower, and herb seeds this year. All of our seeds are guaranteed non-GMO, so browse our heirlooms, hybrids, and award-winning varieties with confidence. Although our entire seed collection is available online, nothing beats flipping through a colorful seed catalog–so be sure to add the free 2024 Seed Catalog to our cart when you check out. 

Seed packets are the perfect mass gift to send out–buy a few packets in bulk and tuck them into your holiday cards to let your distant family and friends know you’re thinking about them. Seed packets make excellent stocking stuffers for people of all ages.

  1. Seed-starting supplies

At Seeds ‘N Such, we’re pleased to carry everything your loved one need to get started gardening. Even experienced growers are always looking to level up their game, so check out the online store for quality supplies that complement our seeds. 

Any recipient of the Dial Seed Sower will love you for providing them with a tool that makes sowing small seeds no longer a chore. Plus, this seed sower is so affordable that everyone on the nice list can get their own. 

There are plenty of seeds that can be directly sown into the garden come spring, but any serious gardener is going to want to start some seeds indoors. The Basic Seed Starting Kit is perfect for beginners and easy-to-grow vegetables like cucumbers and tomatoes. 

A simple heat mat and thermostat can spell the difference between seed starting success and failure, so if your holiday budget has a little wiggle room, be sure to snag the Germination Station to get your loved ones off on the right foot. Choose between the One, Two, and Four-Tray models, depending on how ambitious their gardening projects are. 

Hot pepper seeds are notoriously hard to start, so we created a Pepper Seed-Starting Kit complete with two compounds that aid in chili germination. Put a few Hot Pepper Seeds with the seed-starting kit, and your spice-obsessed gardener friend will love nothing more than to successfully grow their own salsa garden next year. 

Is your loved one an eco-conscious gardener? They will love our Jiffy-7 Peat Pellets! These compressed peat pellets are already filled with the perfect amount of fertilizer to start healthy seedlings. Sow the seeds, add water, and the pellets will expand into biodegradable pots! No plastic needed. 

  1. Propagation station 

For the grower who wants to be a little more involved, they’ll love the Tabletop Grow-Light System. Choose between the single-tray or two-tray sizes to fit their needs. Either size comes with a 24-watt full-spectrum grow light perfect for seed-starting or propagating cuttings. The light stand is easy to assemble and adjustable, so the system grows with the plants. This is one gift that just might get requested year after year! 

  1. Self-contained garden

If you’re looking for a bigger present, you might consider the edn SmallGarden—a self-watering tabletop planter that comes complete with its own grow light and soil-free planter pods, pre-seeded with their favorite herbs and veggies. 

The edn SmallGarden practically grows itself—with the help of an app that reminds the grower of important tasks like pruning and harvesting. The self-watering planter is perfect for that friend or relative who loves cooking with fresh herbs but doesn’t have the time or space for a full garden. 

  1. Pruners

No gardening toolkit is complete without a set or two of pruners—or snips, as we like to call these glorified garden scissors. Pruners are essential to everyday garden tasks, like pruning plants, snipping twine or cutting drip tape, just to name a few. 

There is no end to the variety of quality pruners available, with models to suit all budgets, from the Ratchet Pruners for the arthritic gardener to the heavy-duty Fiskars Pruning Shears for the serious plant geek. The ARS Small Hand Shears are a go-to for intricate pruning and tough cuts—these durable snips are perfect for anyone who hates switching between tools for multiple tasks.

  1. Hori-hori knife

If your loved one already has a good pair of garden shears, consider getting them a hori-hori knife. While the Japanese multi-purpose digging knife may not be quite as common as a hand trowel, it is no less essential in the garden.

Essentially a hybrid cross between a large knife and a trowel, the hori-hori is an all-in-one tool that can be used for dozens of gardening tasks–everything from planting bulbs to dividing roots, and so much more. Most hori-hori knives come complete with a sheath to house the razor-sharp blade edge, so you can wear your garden sword on your belt to keep it close at hand.

  1. Gloves

While it’s tempting to garden without gloves, hand protection is essential when working with tools, plants, and dirt. Prioritize the health of your loved one by gifting them with a pair (or several pairs) of gardening gloves.

Leather gloves are always a classic choice and will last your gardener for years to come. Well-made leather is flexible enough to allow their fingers to do nimble work, but still durable enough to block even the sharpest thorns. These Bamllum Leather Gardening Gloves are specially fitted for smaller hands. 

For more affordable options, try Nitrile Gardening Gloves—these lightweight gloves offer just as much protection as leather gloves but won’t break the bank. The woven material’s breathability makes these gloves comfortable to wear for hours at a time. Plus, nitrile gloves are machine washable, so cleanup at the end of the day couldn’t be easier. 

  1. Books

The best gardeners never stop learning, so why not get your loved ones a book or two on the subject? 

For the gardener who has it all (and knows it all), they’ll appreciate LLewylln’s 2023 Moon Sign Book. Our old-timers swear by this century-old almanac and its planting recommendations based on location, climate, and of course, the moon phases.

You could also give the gift of knowledge and get them one of these classic gardening guides for the gardener that hates sifting through internet forums. Growing Tomatoes, Growing Peppers, Growing Vine Crops, and Growing Root Crops would all make an excellent addition to your gardener’s growing resources library.

  1. Seeds ‘N Such swag

Gift your loved ones a shirt or hat so they can rep their favorite seed company. Choose between cotton or polyester shirts that they can wear in the garden and out to dinner, although maybe not in that order. We’re huge fans of the hats, too. Not only will these neat hats keep their faces from getting sunburned, but they’ll look cool wearing them. And if your gardener likes to sip while they garden, they’ll love these colorful Koozies.  

  1. Harvest basket

It doesn’t technically have to be a basket–any container will do. But every gardener will tell you that bins and buckets are invaluable come harvest time. We love this Harvesting and Gathering Bag for its many pockets and its easy-to-clean waxed canvas. 

Feeling creative? A really fun gift idea would be to organize several smaller gifts (like seeds, gloves, pruners, and a shirt or hat) into a garden gift basket! Your loved one will appreciate the contents of the basket and then can use the container as a harvest basket later on.

Bonus: Gift card

When in doubt, a simple Gift Certificate is the way to go. It’s more thoughtful than a check but just as good as cash in our online store. Choose any amount up to $100, and send your loved one on the garden shopping spree of their lives. 

Hopefully, this list gives you some gift ideas that you can use to surprise your plant-loving friends and relatives this Christmas. And if you’re the green thumb in the family, maybe pass this list off to someone who needs to see it. 

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