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The ēdn SmallGarden: A Modern Solution for Indoor Gardening

Not everyone has access to acres of land or even a backyard — fortunately, there are other options that make gardening accessible for everyone!

Raised beds and container gardens are great alternatives to traditional gardens, but they still require time and resources to set up. It takes time and money to build raised beds, and planters require vigilant watering in the dry summer months.

Indoor gardening has become increasingly popular as people look for ways to grow their own food in limited spaces, but finding adequate natural light for windowsill gardens can be tricky.

A better option is a compact, self-watering planter complete with its own grow light! The ēdn SmallGarden comes with pre-seeded pods and a phone app that makes it easy to start a garden almost instantly.

Why grow plants indoors?

On top of some of the physical and mental benefits of gardening, growing indoors takes up less space, uses fewer resources, and affords gardeners a little more control over their plants. When carefully cared for, indoor-grown plants are less likely to have pest and disease issues.

Cultivating an indoor garden is the perfect way to spend the winter months and get ready for spring! Plus, daily access to immune-boosting herbs and nutrient-rich greens will help keep your health in check during cold and flu season (and the rest of the year). 

You can even use your ēdn SmallGarden to get a jumpstart on the growing season by starting seeds in the planter and transplanting the young sprouts outside when weather allows.

Hydroponic seeds perfect for the ēdn SmallGarden

There are an abundant amount of seeds that can flourish in an ēdn SmallGarden. 

Hydroponic seeds aren’t really any different from regular seeds–you can grow any variety you want in a soilless garden! There are a few plants and varieties that do better in compact spaces, and we’ve rounded up our favorite hydroponic-friendly vegetable seeds for your budding tank farm. 

Check out our full list of recommended hydroponic seeds best fit for the ēdn SmallGarden and other hydroponic setups.

Components of the ēdn SmallGarden

What sets the ēdn SmallGarden apart from other planters? It’s an entire growing system in one!

Self-watering planter

Water, an essential resource for all plants, can be tricky to get just right. The ēdn SmallGarden takes care of that issue and cuts down on water waste by using a self-watering system that sends alerts to your phone when your plants need to be watered.

Automated LED light

Lighting is another component of healthy plant growth that is often overlooked. Not all light is the same, and finding enough light for indoor-grown plants can be difficult. An indirect light source will cause plants to stretch to the light source, becoming leggy and weak.

The ēdn SmallGarden setup includes a timer-controlled LED grow light, so you won’t have to think twice about lighting. It’s as easy as setting a digital clock — simply follow the lighting schedule recommended by the phone app and your plants are good to go!

Space-saving modern design

The ēdn SmallGarden was designed to fit a minimal, modern aesthetic.

At sixteen inches long, eleven inches tall, and only six inches wide, the whole growing system fits comfortably on a countertop or table. Healthy herbs and flowers make a beautiful living arrangement that adds visual interest to the dining table or wherever you decide to keep your ēdn SmallGarden. Best of all, the portable planter can be moved from place to place if you need to get it out of the way!

Biodegradable seedpods

The ēdn SeedPods are one of the finest sustainable growing options. The SmallGarden comes with ten soilless pods with basil. Shop ēdn’s collection of non-GMO herb and flower SeedPods, or you can opt for unseeded pods and fill them with your favorite Seeds ‘N Such varieties!

All SeedPods include a special time-release fertilizer so you don’t have to worry about feeding your plants — they already have everything they need to grow to maturity.

Innovative iOS app

Technology is heavily infiltrated in today’s society, so why should gardening be any different? Some people may look to disconnect from screens and machines in the garden, but for others, technology can be the tool that helps them get a foot in the door.

The iOS-compatible app is an educational tool as well as an instruction manual, so you can learn about your plants as you watch them grow.

How to use the ēdn SmallGarden

Setting up the ēdn SmallGarden is easy — after removing the planter from its box, simply plug the power cord into an outlet and turn the switch to the on position. Next, insert the included SeedPods into the planter. Download the iOS app and make an ēdn account, then follow the provided instructions to nurture your plants from seed to harvest.

The ēdn SmallGarden is the perfect gift for tech-savvy younger gardeners or beginning growers who need a little extra direction. But it’s just as great a gift for older gardeners who struggle with the physical strain of gardening inside.

The ēdn SmallGarden is for anyone who has an interest in growing plants, especially if they are limited in space and time, or are just getting started gardening.

Order the ēdn SmallGarden today and check out the Plant your Own SeedPods from our partners over at ēdn to make your indoor growing even easier!

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