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Super-Food Tiger Hybrid Collards Can Be Easily Grown Anywhere

Collards, “first cousin to super-food kale,” have long been an almost year-round winter staple crop in Southern gardens, and through hybridization, they can now be grown in gardens almost anywhere. Our Fall catalog features ‘Tiger Hybrid’ (69 days), which Seeds ‘n Such owner J. Wayne Hilton feels is the best hybrid collard yet.

His description leaves little to doubt, so why not get seeds to plant this summer:

“Collards have long been indispensable to Southern cuisine,” says Hilton, “but the finest crop I ever saw was on my farm in Ohio in 1977. That was my first experience with hybrid collards, and this new ‘Tiger Hybrid’ is the best hybrid yet!. An improvement on the popular ‘Bulldog’, ‘Tiger Hybrid’ is earlier, more productive and brighter green. Boasts upright, well-filled, slightly-crinkled, extra-sweet, flavorful leaves, with a gourmet taste similar to the classic ‘Georgia’ variety. Heat tolerant and winter hardy; in fact, flavor is sweetened by frost.”

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