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Enjoy Free Shipping on ALL U.S. Orders Thru Friday! Exclusions Apply.

Spotlight On More Introductions For Your 2019 Vegetable & Flower Garden

Chef’s Choice Red Hybrid VFF’ tomato (82 days) is the fifth straight color in the Chef’s Choice series to win an All-America Selections (AAS) Award, attesting to its unrivaled flavor and unmatched adaptability. This new ‘Red’ has an unusually good balance of sweet, yet tangy taste to yield that fabulous, old-fashioned tomato flavor! Firm fruits are round, smooth, 6 to 7 inches in diameter, and weigh about 8 ounces, with bountiful yields on dark green, disease-resistant, indeterminate vines.

Megaton Hybrid Cabbage

Megaton Hybrid’ cabbage (89 days). The only choice for gigantic exhibition-size veggies! This enormous hybrid cabbage easily weighs 20 to 25 pounds and is as big as a bowling ball! The taste? Lots of tender, mild, sweet leaves tightly packed within a small core. Green wrapper leaves protect the juicy head. Heavy yields from superb disease resistance. It holds well without cracking, making it ideal for coleslaw.

Desperado Bush Bean

Desperado’ bush bean (55 days), is another of our mail-order exclusives! Hilton notes, “’Desperado’ is perhaps the best variety to combine superb heat tolerance with wide adaptability to conditions virtually anywhere, which makes you feel like a gardening pro! Robust, 16 to 20-inch plants easily support the huge yields of straight, 5 to 6-inch, dark-green pods, with that sweet ‘beany’ flavor you just can’t find in supermarkets! Features strong resistance to common mosaic virus, and is dark-brown-seeded.”

Queeny Lime Orange Zinnia

For the flower garden and to attract pollinators to the vegetable garden, we have added ‘Queeny Lime Orange’ zinnia. Hilton says, “The ‘Lime Red’ color of this fabulous new series was featured as ‘Best of the New Varieties’ for last year, but this zany ‘Lime Orange’ shade is even more striking and dramatic! Winner of both the 2018 AAS Award and the 2018 Fleuroselect Gold Medal (the European equivalent of our AAS Award), these sturdy, 25-inch plants produce theatrical, deeply fluted, large, 3 to 4-inch, dahlia-like blooms that last 3 weeks in the vase without preservatives! It’s perfect as a cut flower or in the border, and is heat and drought tolerant, making it an easy-to-grow, sun-loving annual just like its sisters ‘Red Lime’ and ‘Lime.’”

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