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35% Off Sitewide ALL WEEK! Exclusions Apply.

Preserve Foods Easily With Our Clever Kitchen Helpers

As we continue to expand our catalog offerings at Seeds ‘n Such, we will be adding more and more books and supplies that apply to food processing and preservation, in addition to educational materials on how to plan and plant a vegetable garden from seeds. We do already offer some “Clever Kitchen Helpers,” which can be found on the flap of the order mail-in envelope at the center of the catalog. While these tools are designed with tomatoes as the feature crop, they perform quite well with other fruits and vegetables.

The Deluxe Tomato Strainer “cuts canning time in half! Quickly strains and purees tomatoes, fruits and veggies using a novel screw-type action to strain food through a screen while separating and expelling residue like skins and seeds. Useful squirt guard reduces cleanup time. Made of sturdy cast aluminum with large plastic hopper and plunger. Clamp the base to the edge of a tabletop or kitchen counter. Assembles, cleans and stores easily. Comes with a plunger and a standard stainless-steel screen for straining most foods. #915, $76.95 each.”

Our Jumbo Tomato Press is “the inexpensive way to puree tomatoes! Press fresh tomatoes for the ultimate in sauces, marinara, salsas, juices, purees, pastes or soups. Ideal for applesauce. Attaches securely to counter or table with suction base. Stainless-steel mesh strains and dispenses puree through chute into tray. Easy to clean. Includes hopper holding 2-1/4 quarts, tray, pestle, recipes and instructions. Boxed. #918, $42.95 each.”

The Salsa Maker “is ideal for any kitchen, as this space saver doubles as a salsa maker or a mini-food processor! Easily chops, minces, beats, blends or mixes your favorite recipes, using its two-speed, stainless-steel blades. Comes boxed, with full instructions. #917, $19.95 each.”

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