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Free Shipping on orders over $25 through Monday 1/30 | Online Orders only
Free Shipping on orders over $25 through Monday 1/30 | Online Orders only

Order Sweet Potato Plants Now For Shipment Beginning April 15

Since sweet potatoes require such a long growing season and are very cold-sensitive, the best way to grow them in the home garden is to order sweet potato plants or “slips,” after all danger of frost has passed, especially in northern states. “Sweet potatoes have long been a favorite in the South, but with new, earlier varieties constantly being developed, they can now be grown anywhere, even Maine, Montana and Minnesota,” says Seeds ‘n Such founder and owner J. Wayne Hilton.

“Our certified, freshly-dug and packed, sweet potato plants are shipped directly from our growing station in Tennessee,” Hilton adds, “These cold-sensitive plants cannot be shipped from Tennessee before April 15. Please do not order if you require delivery before April 15. We will ship your plants after April 15, just as soon as the weather has sufficiently warmed in your area. Similarly, we cannot ship sweet potato plants anywhere after June 5, as it is too hot. We can ship to any state except Alaska and Hawaii. All California orders require a $3.50 expedited shipping fee. We cannot ship to foreign countries or U.S. possessions.

Hilton notes, “All orders are accompanied with detailed growing instructions and prize-winning recipes! With new early varieties and the same old fabulous taste, there’s now no excuse not to grow sweet potatoes anywhere! We do suggest that if you live in the extreme North that you cover your rows 2 to 3 weeks before your plants arrive with our Red Mulch Film to warm the soil and aid growth.”

Plants are sold by variety—a minimum of 12 plants per variety—with plants priced at 12 for $17.99, 25 for $22.99, 50 for $34.99 and 100 for $46.99. No mixing of varieties, such as 25 plants of four varieties for the 100-plant price! A special Northern Gardener Collection is available, which includes 12 plants each of Beauregard, Centennial and Georgia Jet varieties, a $53.97 value for $34.99, postpaid. Or, if you want our Best All-Around Collection offering 12 plants each of Beauregard and Georgia Jet, our two most popular varieties, a $35.98-value for the special price of $26.99 (Save 25%), postpaid.

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