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Free Shipping on ALL U.S. Orders Thru 5/24! Exclusions Apply.
Free Shipping on ALL U.S. Orders Thru 5/24! Exclusions Apply.

Onion Plants Start Shipping January 28th!

Order your onion plants NOW to make certain you have plenty to transplant into the garden for a bountiful harvest of this versatile cuisine-seasoning “root crop” come fall. We start shipping to warm-season areas on January 28th, so don’t wait! Although Seeds ‘n Such also offers an extensive selection of bulb onion seed varieties, seeds need to be planted in the fall to have sizeable transplants in the spring as season starters to mature in fall as full-sized, bulb onions.

Seeds for scallions—green or bunching onions—that form small or no bulbs may be planted directly in the garden in early spring and harvested as soon as they reach usable size. Chefs chop up the entire plants of bunching onions, including the very nutritious green tops, for salads, soups and all sorts of savory recipes. Another scallion seed crop can be planted in late summer or early fall for harvest and use over the winter.

“Bulb onion plants need an early start, so we begin shipping in late-January and continue through May 20,” says Seeds ‘n Such owner J. Wayne Hilton. “Our nursery ships at the proper time for your location, using USPS Priority Mail, so our field-grown, high-quality plants can be guaranteed to arrive safely. We ship onion plants to all the U.S., except Alaska and Hawaii. Sorry, no shipments to foreign countries or U.S. territories.”

Hilton concludes, “We classify bulb-forming onions by the amount of daylight they need to mature. Long-Day types require many daylight hours and should be grown only in the North. Short-Day types require fewer hours and are best suited for the South. We like the Day-Neutral or Intermediate-Day types that do well anywhere!”

Varieties offered include: Day-Neutral for AnywhereCandy Hybrid (90 days), Red Candy Apple Hybrid (95 days), Sierra Blanca Hybrid (105 days) and Walla Walla Sweet (110 days that’s usually grown as a Long-Day type); Long-Day for the North—new Patterson Hybrid (110 days) which replaces the old Copra, new Red Mountain Hybrid (118 days) which replaces the old Red Zeppelin and Yellow Sweet Spanish (110 days); and Short-Day for the SouthYellow Granex Hybrid (160 days) and Texas 1015Y Supersweet (175 days).

Hilton notes that onion plants are sold “by the bunch, with a bunch containing 50 to 75 plants, depending on plant size. The minimum is one bunch of any variety. But you can mix and match any of our varieties as you wish to get a better price! All orders come with detailed growing instructions.”

Postpaid prices (mix or match) include: 1 bunch—$17.99; 2 bunches—$24.49; 3 bunches—$34.49; 4 bunches—$42.49; 5 bunches—$49.99. Special 3-Color Collection prices include: Day-Neutral—one bunch each of Candy Hybrid (yellow), Red Candy Apple Hybrid (red) and Sierra Blanca Hybrid (white)—$30.99 (Save 10%!) and Long-Day—one bunch each Patterson (yellow), Red Mountain Hybrid (red) and Yellow Sweet Spanish (white)—$30.99 (Save 10%!).

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