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Free Shipping on ALL U.S. Orders Thru 5/24! Exclusions Apply.
Free Shipping on ALL U.S. Orders Thru 5/24! Exclusions Apply.

Free Early-Bird Order Seed Packets, New Root Crops Growing Guide For 2019

As is always our custom, we proudly offer our Early-Bird Customers two packets of free seeds when they place any order by March 15, 2019! This season, our two new variety offerings are Butter Belly Hybrid Squash and Tonopah Hybrid Tomato VFF, and free packets of 5 seeds of each variety will be included in all early orders.

Butter Belly Hybrid Squash (45 days) is a Seeds ‘n Such exclusive variety and displays an open-bush habit, making it easy to harvest huge yields of bright yellow, slightly-crooked, 4 to 6-inch, nearly wart-free fruits. It features a mild, nutty flavor with firm texture, and is resistant to mildew.

Tonopah Hybrid Tomato VFF (67 days), is from the breeder of AAS Award-winning ‘Mountain Merit,’ and is an excellent slicing tomato, with great adaptability, from Florida’s heat to the Northeast’s cold! This early variety boasts big yields of bright red, delectable, 10-ounce fruits from vigorous, determinate plants. It is happy in the garden or in big pots.

All our customers, but especially those shopping with us for the first time, want to check out our Seeds ‘n Such Garden Growing Guides on Page 2 of our catalog. “We wrote every word of these booklets to cover new grafting techniques, newly-discovered diseases, the ‘Scoville scale,’ the Cucurbitaceae family—in short, 36 pages of culture and instructions for both the novice and the veteran,” says our owner J. Wayne Hilton.

This season we offer our latest new addition, entitled Growing Root Crops From Seed, which brings our set total to four. Choose any or all of our Mix & Match Growing Guides: Growing Tomatoes From Seed, Growing Root Crops From Seed (New), Growing Peppers From Seed, and Growing Vine Crops From Seed. Buy 1 for $3.99; 2 for $7.19 (Save 10 %); 3 for $9.99 (Save 15%), 4 for $12.79 (Save 20%) or 5 or more for $2.99 each (Save 25%)!

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