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Don’t Forget, Early Bird Free Seeds Special Ends March 15

Remember that March 15 is the deadline for placing your seed order to receive our special free packets of “brand-new Hybrid Tomato ‘Warrior 5443’ and Hybrid Sweet Pepper ‘Blight Buster.’ (Late recipients of our catalog have an extended order deadline of March 31 to take advantage of our free seed offer.)

Blight Buster Hybrid Sweet Pepper matures in 73 days from transplant. The most disease resistant variety ever! Resistant to bacterial leaf spot races 1-5 and phytophthora blight. Huge fruits ripen green to bright red. Our exclusive!”

Warrior 5443 Hybrid Tomato VFFFAStTylcv matures in 71 days from transplant. Resistant to nearly everything, including Yellow Leaf Curl. Huge, 12 ton14-ounce, deep red, slightly-ribbed fruits have fabulous flavor and are an ideal slicer. Determinate.”

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