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TODAY ONLY | 50% Off ALL Seeds! Exclusions Apply.
TODAY ONLY | 50% Off ALL Seeds! Exclusions Apply.

Choose From 4 New Varieties, 9 Varieties Total This Season

We are excited to add four new varieties to our Sweet Potato Plant List this season, including Bonita, Bush Porto Rico, Murasaki and O’Henry. These new offerings join our previous favorites: Beauregard, Centennial, Georgia Jet, Vardaman and White Yam. Now is the time to place your orders to insure that we will have the varieties you want. We begin shipping plants to the lower South on April 15.

Our new Bonita (90 days) is “our sweetest sweet potato and features bright white flesh and tan skin with a pinkish cast, and makes unbelievable sweet potato fries.” Bush Porto Rico (110 days) is a “bush-type for containers or small gardens, has copper-colored skin with a moist, reddish-orange flesh, and is one of our best bakers.” Murasaki (100 days), “our only patented variety, is a Japanese standout, with purple skin, white flesh and an unusual nutty flavor, and has the best disease resistance of all our varieties.” O’Henry (95 days) boasts a “unique rich flavor of honey and nuts inside a smooth and stringless golden flesh, is very sweet, pleasantly aromatic, and drier than most varieties so it bakes up perfectly and is a good keeper.”

Beauregard (90 days) is the “highest yielding of all sweet potatoes, featuring deep red-orange skin, with moderately deep-orange flesh that cooks up sweet, moist and meaty, and whose tubers are uniform and crack-resistant.” Centennial (100 days) has “for years been America’s favorite sweet potato and features one of the best disease-tolerance packages of all, with smooth orange skin and dark orange, moist flesh, producing ‘Baby Bakers’ in 90 days that store well.”

Georgia Jet (90 days) is “the best variety for northern gardens, although it grows very well anywhere, with deep red skin and moist, bright orange flesh and is an extremely heavy-yielder that’s excellent for baking.” Vardaman (100 days) features a “compact, but extra-prolific bush type for gardeners with limited space, making it ideal for containers. It has golden-yellow skin with dark orange flesh, with no stringiness. Beautiful as a decorative border and is a good keeper.”

White Yam (110 days) is “an heirloom that is our driest variety and one of the sweetest, that is a most unusual cotton-white inside and out.”

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