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Jerry Wayne HiltonA message from J. Wayne Hilton:

Seeds ‘n Such is a new company formed in 2013, but born out of decades of experience in the mail-order seed business. We’re a small, family-owned operation with an outsized commitment to the idea that seeds – and shipping costs – don’t have to cost so much. I’d like you to know something about our roots and my personal commitment to the quality of our seeds and service.

My family has been associated with selling seeds through the mail for over a century. For years, we owned R. H. Shumway’s, a famous name known as “America’s Pioneer Seedsman.” Shumway’s was founded in 1870 in Rockford, Ill., before we moved it to Graniteville, S.C., now the site of Seeds ‘n Such. For several decades, in addition to Shumway’s, we also operated a mail-order business named HPS that catered to small commercial growers and roadside-stand operators.

As head of the family business, it was my responsibility to notice trends, almost all of which were driven by consumer needs and desires. It became apparent that interest in tomato and pepper seeds was on the rise. In 1993, I launched a new mail-order company called Totally Tomatoes that was almost exclusively tomato and pepper seeds. It was an instant success and remained so until I sold the family business in 1999, including the Shumway’s, HPS and Totally Tomatoes operations.

Retirement did not suit me. So now, at nearly 68 years of age, I’m back in the mail-order seed business, and I’m using all that history and experience to create a special, simple and fun experience for gardeners like you. The mail-order seed industry has remained vibrant in my absence. I was very glad to see that, but at the same time, I saw areas that I could improve.

The first thing I noticed is that vegetable seed packets are becoming too expensive for the average gardener. Why would a business offer hundreds of varieties at $3, $4, even $5 a packet when a gardener can only afford five or six packets at that price?

Second, shipping and handling charges (S/H) for mail-order seeds are out of control. For Spring 2016, most companies charged $5 to $6 for S/H on a $20 order – that’s 25% of the value of the merchandise. Way too much!

So here we come with Seeds ‘n Such – my personal mission to offer you an alternative to the over-priced seeds and exorbitant S/H charges found at other firms. We offer the same enormous selection (over 750 veggie varieties, with 250 varieties of tomato and pepper seeds alone!), but no packet sold under the Seeds ‘n Such name will cost you more than $2.79 – and if you mix and match 20 packets or more, the price drops to only $1.99 per packet! Furthermore, the S/H charge is never more than $2.95. That’s less than half of what most others charge!

Now review each of our varieties, all non-GMO, to see which interest you most. Then order early to take advantage of our “Early Bird” Specials — two free packets, one of which is the disease-resistant Blight Buster Hybrid Sweet Pepper!

It’s a great feeling to be back in the mail-order seed business, especially since my Seeds ‘n Such team is made up of former employees from my earlier companies. Everyone here is experienced and dedicated to the priorities set by our customers: speed and accuracy in fulfilling orders.

So for anyone who says there’s nothing new under the sun, I say look at us! Yes, we’ve been selling seeds for a long time. But we’ve also found new ways to keep our costs low so that you can afford more packets on the same budget. We think that’s a winning combination. Please let us know how we’re doing.


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